Sustainable Logistics at the center of decision making at Salvatori.

Sustainable Logistics at the center of decision making at Salvatori.

During 2022 Salvatori CEO, Daniel Salvatori, decided to envision a greater environmental sustainability plan for the company & made the forward-thinking step to invest a six figure sum into the development of solar energy at both our Aylesham & Sittingbourne logistics sites.

Driven by the predictions of astronomical business energy price rises & the desire to continue to embrace the green logistics movement, Daniel decided to forge ahead and lead by example as a leading sustainable logistics company in Kent.

Solar panels installed on the roof of Salvatori Logistics Sittingbourne 

As a business that started in the fruit growing industry in Kent over 100 years ago, primarily in apples, the importance of the environment & the ability to adapt has been a core component to the longevity of the business.  Now specializing in logistics which includes, haulage, warehousing, distribution, customs clearance, HGV maintenance & the traditional fruit trading, the company has expanded considerably.

Salvatori is a generational family business, the future is always at the forefront of decision making, it magnifies the importance of sustainability operationally & environmentally. Leadership of this kind secures a future for not only the family & staff, but also the entire logistics industry locally & nationally as it enters a new era of environmentally friendly logistics.

Solar energy panels installed for sustainable logistics operations at Salvatori

Salvatori has invested in a solar photovoltaics system at each site, which is predicted to generate a combined 295.8 MwH of electricity annually. This is equivalent to a saving of 65.21 tonnes of CO2 annually. The company consulted with Nick Arnold from the company Energy Saving Specialist based in Eythorne, Dover for the installation.

These efforts were recently included in a dedicated press release from Palletways UK, titled “Sun shines on Salvatori over renewable energy investment”. Palletways is a pallet delivery member scheme in which the Salvatori Logistics Sittingbourne operation is a member. The release has been greatly received by the media & has been featured in the following publications:

Most notably Daniel Salvatori has been quoted:

“The transportation industry has a big impact on the environment, and we want to lead the way in our sector by reducing our carbon output. We’re committed to operating a sustainable logistics model and we’re confident the panels will give us a return on our investment in a short space of time.”

Palletways has also been impressed by our strides for sustainability in logistics and transport, they continue to promote sustainability in logistics as a content topic themselves & throughout their promotion coverage to other members into 2023. Salvatori are proud to be leaders in sustainable logistics and supply chain management in Kent.