Our Vision

Service without compromise. Consistency with dedication.
Daniel Salvatori

Our Mission

Salvatori are a leading provider of transport, logistics and warehousing services. Our team are passionate about the role they play within the business and are continually trained to a professional standard. They are motivated, conscientious and resourceful enabling us to provide the perfect solutions for our customers’ needs and requirements.
In our customers we look for qualities such as transparency in our dealings and commitment to our partnership. We want to provide a ‘one stop shop’ and niche services to our clients enabling them to concentrate on their own business with the comforting knowledge that we as an unrivalled service provider, will ensure needs and standards are met.
We aim to provide solutions to our customers, remain un-compromising in our dedications while ensuring efficiency and value for money.
We believe that to sustain our exceptional standard of business we must be better than our competition by maintaining standards, consistency and reliability. We operate from multiple depots giving us strong links with the continent thus supporting our customers with both their UK and International requirements.
Our business has been in operation for over 50 years and are proud of our reputation and strong enduring legacy.

Our Culture

Salvatori 10 Points of Culture

We at Salvatori all possess certain qualities that we feel are essential to maintain an efficient and effective workplace.

  1. Team Players
    We are good communicators, helping each other, ourselves and our customers
  2. Professional
    We remain professional at all times to help create a stable and enjoyable working environment
  3. Respectful
    We treat each other with respect, consideration and recognition
  4. Committed
    We are committed to our company, our team and our individual roles
  5. Honest
    We maintain our integrity, acting truthfully and honestly, only promising what we can deliver
  6. Driven
    We strive for excellence in everything we do
  7. Positive
    We are positive and supportive around our team members and clients, both in public and in private
  8. Responsible
    We take ownership for our decisions and are accountable for our actions
  9. Versatile
    We embrace change and are versatile within our fields of endeavour
  10. Consistent
    We are consistent within all aspects of our activities and in relationships with our team and clients