What we do?

Transport, Storage & Logistics across Kent, UK, France and Europe​

Salvatori have been providing transport, storage and logistics services in the Canterbury, Kent area of Kent for over 80 years. We are connecting UK, France and Europe delivering full range of services. From single pallet to full load. From express van to flatbed or curtain sided artic. Our Pallet Distribution is the largest and fastest growing in Europe. Our daily connection between UK, France and Europe makes us unrivalled storage, transport and logistics provider for local customers based in Kent as well as our European partners in France, Belgium and across the whole of the EU.

Who we are?

Always putting the customer first

We are proud to base our business on old fashioned values by putting the customer first and ensuring that their needs are being met. Our philosophy is one of maintaining and improving standards of service, communication, customer care and meticulous attention to detail delivered with honesty and integrity.

We are a leading provider of transport, logistics and warehousing services in Kent. Our vision is to provide "Service without compromise & Consistency with dedication."

We have been providing its services in the Canterbury area of Kent for over 80 years. Our services range from single pallet to full load delivery covering whole UK and Europe.