Are you at risk of losing your ability to import goods into the UK?

Are you one of the UK’s 3500 businesses that could be at risk of losing the ability to import goods? Do you need any help with CDS setup assistance for uk importers?

HMRC have released a news story stating that the time is “now” for all UK importers to transition to the new CDS system. Failure to do so will result in “significant” delays due to the set-up time involved in the new registration process. HMRC are currently advising a minimum of a few weeks. The system is due for the new activation as of the 1st of Oct 2022, so the urgency of registration is a priority. If you need any CDS setup assistance for uk importers, please get on touch with us.

Julie Etheridge, HMRC’s Director of Programme and Operational Delivery for Borders and Trade, stated:

“Businesses need to move now or risk being unable to bring their goods into the UK.”

“Registering takes time so businesses should start moving to the Customs Declaration Service to ensure a smooth transition and avoid disruption to their business.”

HMRC are contacting all businesses by phone to assist in the processes of the transition and inform business owners who are still not aware of the CHIEF system closure. If you are already working with the Salvatori customs clearance team you will have already heard from us directly. If you are a potential new customer looking for a customs agent to assist you in your business and are not yet registered, you may need CDS setup assistance for uk importers, we can help guide you through this process. We also recommend the CDS toolkit which has essential customs & importation information provided by HMRC directly via the highlighted link. This contains checklists and functions as a UK Customs Declaration Service  “How To Guide”, with additional links to many helpful documents.

Salvatori is your dedicated and reliable customs clearance partner

For commercial and personal goods movements, we will guide and support you through the customs clearance process.

Deferment essentials for UK Importers:

It is important to understand that those using a duty deferment account will be required to set up a new direct debit account. Immediate payments will be required when using the CDS system for imports, so without this the new account will not be useable.

UK Exporters

If you are a UK exporter you have a little longer, with the CHIEF system for exporters being operational until the 31st March 2023. However as always, come the new year, the government will be chasing the export stragglers, so we would recommend being pro active and starting the change over to CDS now to beat any volume processing issues.

Once you have transitioned to the new system, processing will be simple, combined with our automated entry e-customs system option or our manual entry system submissions, your imports will be smooth sailing!

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