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All customs and transit documents in one place

Customs Clearance Services

Looking for easy & affordable customs clearance services? Automated customs clearance or helpful 1 on 1 service with friendly & experienced customs agents.

Customs Clearance

We provide range of customs clearance services including, export and import declarations, transit forms, animal and plant products forms and sanitary checks at both Dover and Calais ports.

Salvatori Commecial HGV Workshop

Commercial Workshop

Servicing, planned maintenance or a breakdown? Proffesional Commercial Workshop HGV Servicing and Maintenance Salvatori Workshop, offers one stop shop solution for all commercial servicing, maintenance and repairs needs. Commercial workshop facility New 4 bay workshop Any size of vehicles cared for, from light vans to 44T artic vehicles All repairs, maintenance and inspections are carried …

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Salvatori storage with track and trace facility

Storage & Logistics

Our experience and expertise Our services extend further into supply chain management. We provide practical, flexible and competitively priced solutions for local companies and global organisations that includes secure storage, container receiving, order picking and distribution. Safe and secured warehouse Storage & Logistics We provide secure warehouse storage facilities at our both sites; Sittingbourne and …

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Salvatori Aylesham Office. Planning, Customs Clerance Serviecs and Advice.

Freight Forwarding

Salvatori provides Customs Clerance Services as well as Worldwide Freight Forwarding services via most UK ports. We cover sea, air and multimodal movements.

Salvtori express van with tail lift pallet delivery

UK & EU Pallet Distribution

Best in class network We are a member of Palletways, the best and fastest growing UK and European pallet distribution network. We offer very reliable and competitive services throughout UK and Europe. Daily delivery across UK and Europe UK & EU Pallet Network Palletways have been providing top class service for over 25 years and …

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