Brick and Block Haulage: Salvatori’s Experts UK & EU


In the dynamic construction industry, the efficient transportation of crucial building materials like bricks and blocks is pivotal. Salvatori, a distinguished leader in brick and block haulage, is redefining industry standards with its unparalleled expertise and services across the UK and EU markets.

A Legacy of Excellence in Brick and Block Haulage

A remarkable track record of successful projects and satisfied clients, Salvatori has emerged as a trusted partner for construction of all scales.

Cutting-edge Fleet for Seamless Transport

Central to Salvatori’s success is its cutting-edge fleet of specialized vehicles designed exclusively for brick and block heavy haulage. Equipped with advanced technology and safety features, these vehicles ensure secure material transportation. This fleet’s adaptability allows Salvatori to cater to diverse requirements, from minor projects to large-scale developments.

Salvatori truck loading construction elements in Belgium
Salvatori flatbed loading bricks from France to UK

Expert Workforce for Precise Execution

Behind Salvatori’s efficiency is a team of seasoned professionals who understand the industry intricacies. The company’s workforce, ranging from skilled drivers versed in transportation logistics to meticulous transport managers & transport planners, forms the foundation of its operations.

Reliable Efficiency for Timely Delivery

In construction, time is a critical factor, and Salvatori recognizes this imperative. Through meticulous planning and efficient execution, Salvatori strives for punctual deliveries. Their reliability has earned them the trust of contractors, builders, and developers, positively impacting countless projects.

Championing Sustainability

Amid rising environmental concerns, Salvatori has embraced sustainability as a core principle. The company is committed to minimizing its carbon footprint through strategic route planning, fuel-efficient practices, and alternative fuel adoption. Salvatori’s sustainable approach sets an example for greener construction industry practices.

Innovation for Real-time Monitoring

Salvatori stands out for its innovative approach in the haulage industry. They employ advanced tracking systems that provide real-time updates on material location and condition. This transparency enhances communication with clients, enabling quick decisions even in challenging situations. Salvatori also offer inhouse customs clearance services which is a real bonus when importing goods into the UK from the EU

Experienced and friendly customs agents Dover and Calais
Customs documents

Seamless EU Expertise

Beyond the UK, Salvatori shines as an expert in cross-border brick and block haulage across the EU. Negotiating international transportation intricacies demands in-depth knowledge of regulations and customs procedures. Salvatori’s expertise in this realm ensures smooth material flow across geographical borders.

Customer-centric Approach for Lasting Relationships

Salvatori’s strength lies in its customer-centric approach. By tailoring solutions and maintaining transparent communication, they cultivate enduring client relationships. This approach simplifies the haulage process and augments the overall value of construction projects.


Armed with a modern fleet, skilled workforce, sustainable practices, and international haulage expertise, Salvatori is the perfect choice for your heavy haulage. As they continue to raise the bar, Salvatori sets the stage for a future where efficient, reliable, and sustainable haulage solutions remain paramount. Partner with Salvatori for a journey that ensures your construction materials are in the best hands.

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