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Salvatori Workshop, one stop shop for commercial servicing and maintenance.

  • Commercial workshop facility
  • New 4 bay workshop
  • Any size of vehicles cared for, from light vans to 44T artic vehicles
  • All repairs, maintenance and inspections are carried out to the highest VOSA standards
  • Inspection pits and vehicle lifts
  • V.O.S.A approved rolling road brake tester
  • Experienced engineers and technicians
  • LOLA inspections on mobile forklifts
  • Staff trained on a diverse range of models
  • Computer diagnostics facility
  • Welding and fabrication
  • Tyres supplied and fitted
  • Steam cleaning
  • Curtain repairs
  • 24 hour breakdown service cover both mechanical and tyres.

Servicing and maintenance to the highest VOSA Standards.

We can offer a full maintenance and service contract as required by VOSA as an 'O' License condition. Inspections type A & B can be carried out as per your instructions.

'A' inspection covers computer diagnostics which can locate faults held in your vehicles ECU memory before they become a breakdown. Mandatory VOSA safety inspection. Full check of both batteries. Alternator condition check. Charging efficiency.

'B' inspection covers mandatory VOSA safety inspection.

Salvatori Workshop offers MAHA brake testing on site to ensure the high standards of services are provided to customers. Maha brake rollers are VOSA approved and are in fact used for M.O.T testing at several designated premises around the country. The vehicle's brake date is taken from the DTP number which accesses the VOSA database therefore our vehicle testing is to the same standard as your M.O.T. In the event of a DTP number not being available as in the case of trailers under 12 months old or some older vehicles, we can input data direct from the VGT6 certificate or manufactures plate as in axle and gross vehicle weights. This ensures accurate standards are maintained at all times. Loaded trailers and load simulation weights are available when called for by test requirements. On completion of your brake test a printed result sheet is produced which again is exactly match your M.O.T printout.

Mobile forklifts are also serviced and maintained, inspections are carried out to LOLA standards ensuring safety and reliability at all times.

Problems in Calais or Dover, damaged curtains?

If you have any problems with curtain side trailers being slashed or TIR cables or padlocks cut, we can help! Just give us a call, we are located 20 minutes from Dover and are available 24 hrs 7 days a week!

* Curtain side trailer repairs
* New TIR cables
* New trailer or container seals
* New padlocks

Don’t risk potential wet damage to your goods, rejected delivery, upset customer and delays to your fleet! We will ensure that your trailers are water tight and your delivery is safe.

VOSA Control?

Have you had VOSA Control and your vehicle has been stopped for any technical faults or overweight issues? We can help, just give us a call, we are located 20 minutes from Dover and are available 24 hrs 7 days a week!

* 24/7 call out service
* All mechanical issues and breakdown covered
* Load shifting issues
* Offload, store or deliver for you.. we can do it all!

Contact our workshop on: Tel: +44 (0) 1227 72 00 00 or email: workshop@salvatori.co.uk


Salvatori new purpose built workshop mechanical breakdowns and hgv servicing electric pump truck and forklift truck servicing all vehicles cared for from small van to 44T artics
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